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first lesson

First lesson

Hei alle sammen! Hello to all of you willing to learn Norwegian simply and quickly.

second lesson

Second lesson

We'll go deeper into interrogative sentences. Numbers 1-10 and homework.

third lesson

Third lesson

Jeg kan snakke norsk - I can speak Norwegian. Most common professions.

fourth lesson

Fourth lesson

Numbers 10-1000, currency, counting and more. Let's make some shopping!

fifth lesson

Fifth lesson

We like shopping. Women perhaps are nodding their heads now and men..?

sixth lesson

Sixth lesson

While Ema is making dinner, we'll learn how to say negative sentences.

seventh lesson

Seventh lesson

Today we will talk about an adjective, adjektiv in Norwegian.

eight lesson

Eighth lesson

We're going to learn "det-sentences" - "det setninger", to talk about weather and clothes.

ninth lesson

Ninth lesson

We've already talked about some adverbs in our sixth lesson. Today we're going to continue and study them more in depth.

tenth lesson

Tenth lesson

Today we will learn the word order – ordstilling. Sit back and listen.

tenth lesson

Eleventh lesson

Word order in questions and visit to post office.

twelfth lesson

Twelfth lesson

Seasons and important calendar holidays

thirteenth lesson

Thirteenth lesson

Travelling and the names of the week days

fourteenth lesson

Fourteenth lesson

How to tell time and genitive case for today

fithteenth lesson

Fifteenth lesson

Travelling, family names and noun forms

sixteenth lesson

Sixteenth lesson

Prepositions and Norwegian food

seventeenth lesson

Seventeenth lesson

Body parts and health

eighteenth lesson

Eighteenth lesson

Personal nouns and fishing in Norwar

nineteenth lesson

Nineteenth lesson

Pronoun that refers to one or more unspecified beings, objects, or place and Scandinavian mythology

Twentieth lesson

Twentieth lesson

Past tense and pronunciations