About us

We can assure you - learning Norwegian language together with norwegianABC.com is enjoyable and easy!

Just one thing – relax! Forget the stress and fear of learning language and start your Norwegian journey with Norwegian teacher Jan and Ema. Listen carefully and try to repeat after them. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll absorb Norwegian phrases without having to learn them by heart.

Jan and Ema will follow you everywhere and anytime, whenever you decide to put in some time for a lesson. Learn anywhere, anytime. You can attend a lesson while drinking coffee in a cafe or while you’re sitting stuck in a traffic jam along the way to your work or studies. Or maybe you’ll be lying comfortably on the couch at home – learning will definitely be simple and enjoyable with norwegianABC.com

At norwegianABC.com you’ll find all the material you need - audios lessons, vocabulary, the main grammar rules and video materials - where you’ll see new words, phrases and sentences.

We are sure that you’ll love norwegianABC.com. Yes, it's a perfect way to learn Norwegian!