Learn Norwegian language

The Norwegian language is not difficult. But if you want to speak it fluently, it is essential to learn following a system.

1 A saying „we learn plowing by plowing“ is old, but it fits here perfectly. Language is not created by a miracle – it is learned by strong practice. Speak, speak, speak! You won’t be able to speak fluently until you start using Norwegian in your daily routine.

 2  Don’t feel shame. Many people don’t want to practice the Norwegian language, because they feel shame or are afraid to fail. But no one is going to laugh at your mistakes. Your efforts will make an impression, despite your learning level.

 3  Enjoy the new experience. If you think that learning is making you bored and tired, you won’t be successful, and the motivation will become weaker. Language learning is not an exam, so you can simply enjoy it.

 4  Make your learning process individual. Each of the students is learning in his own way, so the best option is to do experiments finding the most proper learning method for you. Plan your Norwegian learning in such a way, that it could combine perfectly into your daily routine.

 5  Use language regularly. As the car needs taking a ride often, language also should be looked through, not to be covered with dust and rust.

 6  Be realistic. Don’t try to learn everything at once. Set clear, realistic goals and stick to them. Goals must have time limit related to it.

 7  Past is not an indicator. Some people think that if they failed in learning a language at school, they will fail in later stages of life also. But many of the failed ones have more motivation when grown up, because modern learning methods are more attractive and efficient.