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Meet the Teacher Jan

teacher jan

  God dag, jeg heter Jan. Hva heter du? Hvordan går det?      

  Good afternoon, my name is Jan. What is your name? How are you?

Hello, my name is Jan and I want to help you to learn Norwegian language. I am from from Oslo, the capital of Norway. Currently I'm travelling across the Europe and stopping over at various countries.


How does it work?

Audio plays a crucial role in language studies. Listen multiple times to remember material.

Video material will help you to remember words and phrases faster and easier.

Dictionary for each lesson is separated in additional table. You can practice your pronunciation and writing easily.

Lessons notes will guide you through your language studying journey.

Quizzes helps you to check your knowledge.

Thoughts from Our Students

It is nice to study when you want it and where you want it. I was attending live lectures, but it was only twice a week, these online courses are better and free... amazing. I wish you good luck and creativity for further lessons :)



If you want to learn norwegian language, do it here. There is no better place for free studies. Don't hesitate, do it patiently, put some time and effort into it, results will come, you'll see. Share your findings with others, it will let you grow personally...



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